19,132 • This is my fixed Peugeot I built (mostly) myself. The frame was something I found in the garbage and since I always wanted a fixed gear bike I decided to take this as a basis. That was almost 7 years ago now. And since then almost every part on the bike is upgraded. But the overall look of the bike is still the worn look I like and love, since I don’t want a bike that’s too flashy and slick. I ride it all over town and everywhere I go. It really is a blast to ride 🙂
Greets from Antwerp, Belgium
Parts include:
BLB bullhorn bars and BLB quill stem
BLB crank (I think 47T or there abouts) and a 17T cog out back
BLB Track pedals
Miche Pistard rear wheel
Notorious 90 front wheel
Chromed track forks

IMG_20180415_140740 IMG_20180415_140714 IMG_20180415_140650