19,138 • I could not stand the branding and paint job on the undefeated 2….so I redid it at the auto dealership I work at then added my own personal touches. I liked the spec on the bike and bought it on a Black Friday sale for about a $200 discount. My bike shop put it all back together and I added Shimano 105 front brake caliber, cane creek 200 TT brake lever, Nashbar clipless Pedels, and vision TT imax aero bars ( listed as an option on state cycles website ). I have had many steel fixie’s in the past and this 7000 series aluminum bike climbs in sprints much better but it certainly is not as smooth. Most of my rides are personal time trial rides out in the country over Rolling hills that last for 40 minutes or less so I’ll take the extra bit of harshness for the time savings. For its mission this bike is a great value I am actually surprised how well the 28 spoke ESSOR wheels have held up since I am 6”1 and weigh right at 200 pounds and consider myself a pretty strong rider ( for an older guy anyway ). They still roll true and our country roads here in Indiana aren’t the smoothest. If you can catch it on sale it’s definitely a good deal Enjoy the pics

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