19,144 • I restored my son’s fixed gear as a tribute to him.
He rode the hell out of this thing for years, then it fell to ruin in his grandmother’s side yard.
We were going to do it together when he saw this particular green I was using at work and asked if I could paint his bike that color.
The paint scheme is what he was talking about doing, his friend added his initials and the graphics, and except for the chain and grips, it’s all the original parts cleaned and repainted. I have no idea about any of the origins of any of it, as it was pretty beat up when I started. I left the saddle intact. It seemed fitting. It’s set up the way he kept it.
It’s tuned to perfection, and runs like mad, but is off to his mother’s house as a gift to her. A horse without a rider.
If anyone knows more about it just from looking at the pics, please let me know. I would appreciate it.