19,188 • My 5th build on FGG, an ’86 Bianchi — chopped, stripped, and coated in Boeshield T9 (fyi, don’t use clear plastidip). Everything’s original except the tires, seat, pedals, rear axle, & freewheel (52 x 21T / 2.48 gear ratio). I flipped & chopped old drop bars into bullhorns. Finished on Sept. 22nd, rode in Anthony Bourdain dedication ride from Chicano Park in San Diego to Tijuana (~25 miles) on same day. Big ups to Ye Ole Bicycle Shoppe #2 for tutoring me on dishing a wheel & doing the fine truing. It rides great, but sized a big big for me & may be selling. Hit my IG if interested & local. As always, thank you FGG for the forum to share.

FGG 4-4.jpg fgg3-3.jpg FGG 2-2.jpg IMG_8834-1.jpg Nic Boushee's Bianchi