19,213 • Centurion Le Mons frame (high-tense steel), 53/17 3/32″ chain drive, front wheel is matrix titan laced to maillard (touring-type wheel), rear is some wallyworld crap, brake is scratched together and has a derailer part in it, bars are sakae custom modeled after modolo, saddle is bianchi, cranks don’t match but are same length and width, seat post is shimmed with a beer can. Daily rider for a couple years, smooth, quiet, fairly comfortable, stops on a dime, surprisingly light considering frame material. I deliver all over Seattle with this bike.

IMG_20190107_094559566-3.jpg IMG_20190107_094539195-2.jpg IMG_20190107_094611954-1.jpg IMG_20190107_092842968-0.jpg