Here’s my Harper Retrospect, it was a good find of my wife’s , she’s nice like that. The seller was much too tall for it. So I got a virtually new bike for about 1/2 retail. It’s my first fixie, I was very pleased when I saw it was a flip flop, so if I didn’t like the fixed life, I could just revert to a single speed. After flipping to fixed and getting a little hang of it, I LOVE IT! So I only have about 1 mile of S.S. to over 800 fixed, and that’s in 7 months. I live in the country, so removing the rear brake wasn’t out of the question, you can usually see at least 1/4 mile clear ahead. Now I find myself riding 20+ miles without using any breaks.
The bike is about stock except seat, which is something I had from my younger geared days. The aluminum bars are from a mountian bike I had from some time ago also, chopped about 4 inches off of them just because they looked ridiculous on it. And of course, the modified “hand guards”from a 2 liter bottle, and a milk jug, to allow for that front break, these really help out in cold Ohio weather. Soon I’ll be posting my 1986 Raleigh Scott Tinley tri light after I “fix” it.