I was given this frame from my great friend and owner at Port Townsend Cyclery. It then sat in an attic for about six months when I finally decided to turn this road frame into a fixed gear. My dad had these wheels that are in the photos and I was told when he had purchased them they didn’t offer drilled flanges which I thought was pretty interesting. Anyway, the crank I am using is a vintage Sugino crank from Japan and the gear ratio on this bike is 42:18. The frame came with its original Nishiki Compact drop bars, I could not decide on bar tape color for a while until I decided to run the deep blue color matching the seat tube which turned out very nice. The saddle is a brooks though quite worn the brooks print on the side is visible. The brake is some generic brand but it will be changed out for maybe an older Shimano brake in the future. Different pedals go on and off this bike however the origin 8 platform pedals and straps are the most convenient and comfortable to me. I have thought of repainting this bike back to its original form, but I enjoy the idea that someone had a story for each of the scratches and dents on this bike. I too have added my own page to this bicycles story and I don’t want to erase it. This is my 55cm 1973 Nishiki Professional

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