It has been about 12 years since my last fixed gear. Growing up in Seattle during the early 2000’s I was on the fringe looking in at that scene wishing so hard to be a part of it, so I scraped together several bikes all of which were plainly shit. I have been an avid mountain biker as well and was in a bad spill during an enduro race a few weeks back, which left me with two broken fingers (one on each hand) and 2 broken ribs. Not wanting to go without my pedal meditation, I set out looking for a project.

I found this 2009 Kilo TT in Special Edition Orange Creamsicle at our local recyclery with bright green deep Vs laced with beat white spokes, blue grips and some chintzy components. The frame was in OK shape but this bike deserved more. I donated an old bike and piked up this new-old bike and started dreaming of how it “should” look, ride and feel.

I had to ditch the Retrospec bright green deep Vs in favor of some mid profile H Plus Son Archetypes laced to Formula sealed bearing hubs with DT Swiss 2.0 spokes. I kept the rear gearing at 18 teeth on the daily drive side with an All-City track cog and added a 16 tooth All-City cog to the opposite side so if I get the urge to really mash, I have that option. A Sram S300 crankset with 48 tooth chainring, and GXP bottom bracket, gives me about 71 gear inches for the daily (lots of hills where I live) and about 80 gear inches if I flip the rear wheel. My feet are strapped to Fyxation Gates pedals and straps which I have been loving since my first ride on them. The drivetrain meets the pavement through a set of Conti Gatorskins in 25C. Next, the all capable but wearing thin carbon saddle needed a refresh so I went with the Charge Spoon strapped to a Kalloy machined black post, held tight by a black Dimension seat post clamp. I originally ordered a Cane Creek 40 Series thread-less headset for the build, but once the bike was stripped I found an excellent condition Cane Creek Classic had been fitted so I opted to rebuild and lube that up for the final build. Attached to the steerer is a completely slammed Thomson Elie x4 90mm +10° stem holding up my Race Face Atlas Stealth bars with 25mm rise and cut to 680mm with Vans Cult grips keeping me locked in.

I love the way this build came together and the bike is an absolute riot to whip around. I wasn’t expecting how much attention I get on it and how much love there is in this community but glad that I get to ride this thing , albeit with two casted hands and a pair of broken ribs for the moment, and finally feel like I have a rig I can be proud of. She’s not much….but she’s mine. Special Thanks to Retrogression and The Spoke Easy

Photo Sep 03, 5 41 06 PM-4.jpg Photo Sep 16, 8 18 08 AM-3.jpg Photo Sep 16, 8 18 28 AM-2.jpg Photo Sep 16, 8 15 45 AM-1.jpg Photo Sep 16, 8 14 57 AM-0.jpg