My late 60’s Raleigh Sports 3 speed converted to fixed gear. This bike is my take on what might have become of the Nottingham Raleigh factory if it had been taken over by Japan in WWII.
Raleigh steel frame, braze-ons removed, rear triangle spaced
Chrome Lugged Fork
Shimano 600 single crank and Soma track cog 52/21
Shimano un72 bottom bracket
Phil Wood bb cups in Raleigh threading
MKS copper pedals
Sun M13 polished wheels 700c
Soma Shikoro tires
Tange Headset
Soma quill stem
Soma Sparrow bars
Shellac cork grips
Tektro city brakelevers
Dia Compe centerpull brake
Velo Orange seatpost
Brooks B17 with copper rivets

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