It’s been a while since I had a new fixed-gear to share with you! I wanted to build a bike I could ride on trails while my son practiced for cross-country running. It morphed into a multi-surface machine, seen here. The frame is a 1973 Raleigh Competition, a 531-tubed variant noted for its generous tire clearances. I’m running a Surly Dingle 17/19T fixed cog with a Nervar Star 42/44T chainring set, giving me a 70-in fixed gear for pavement and a 60-in fixed gear for gravel and dirt. The other side of the hub will eventually get 22T freewheel for when I want to do mild single-track. The wheels are Surly New Track rear and Ultra New Track front set up with quick-releases and laced with ACI/Alpina spokes to Sun CR-18s, running 35 mm Continental cyclocross tires. The stock Weinmann centerpulls are fitted with Scott-Matthauser pads and operated with Tektro aero levers. The saddle is a rescued B-17 Aged on a nameless seat post, the bars are Velo Orange Grand Cru fitted to a Nitto Technomic stem, and the bottom bracket is the original T.A. unit that came with the bike. So far I love it! Oddly enough, the ride reminds me just a little of my old Falcon San Remo, no. 84 on this site! Take care!

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