Fixed Gear Gallery was created in 2001 by fixed gear rider Dennis Bean-Larson and now has more than 18,000 bikes with over 700,000 photos. A typical month has viewers from 75-100 countries viewing many thousands of pages.

Here’s what Dennis has to say about how it all got started:

How’d this get started? In 1973, when Katy moved from Washington, DC to Grand Rapids, Michigan and Grand Valley State University, she bought a bike because she didn’t have a car. The bike was an a used yellow Fuji “Road Racer” 10 Speed. She rode in around GR, and it came north when she moved to Leland. We met in 1974, got married in ’76 and we hauled the Fuji to the land where we built our house. In 1989 Katy bought a Specialized Hard Rock MTB as our kids were both starting to ride bikes. So, since I needed a bike too, I fixed up the old yellow Fuji. The following year I got a new bike and converted the Fuji to a fixed gear at the urging of a riding friend. I used it all through the 90’s as a training bike in the winter and in bad weather. That Fuji taught me a lot about riding. In 2001, when I started up the Fixed Gear Gallery as an on-line resource, that Fuji became Gallery #1. is a way for people to share information, ideas, lifestyles, cultures, and photos of their bike(s).