i finally got a digital camera..

anthony anagnostou - sixleggedinsect@yahoo.com

four photos submitted: 1. speed.JPG 2. shogun.JPG 3. surly.JPG 4. custom.JPG

1. Yeah, she's a hottie. All black decal-less carbon fiber frame from the internet, profile airwave bars, front brake, funky selle italia 'nitrox' saddle. ultegra cranks. front wheel is a radial c-dale take-off. rear i built just for this bike- open pro laced to a beautiful white industries eccentric. She's geared high, at 48-15, and she's light and *fast*, or at least thats how she feels.

2. my beater. this is the bike i run errands on, lock up outside when i need to, crash while riding offroad with, and generally beat on. Currently built around an old shogun frame, after I destroyed the last one, a similarly geriatric miyata. equipped with a freewheel hub/bb lockring (i walk on the wild side), 'big cheese' cranks, and a smattering of parts from abandoned college campus wrecks and the parts bin(s). this bike has gone through more permutations than i could go into in an afternoon. the next permutation will be finding a 700c fork for her so i can put on a front brake caliper that actually works. platform pedals so i can ride backwards without scaring myself. 27" 48-17. what a fun bike.

3. my true love. surly crosscheck built up as.. one of everything. this photo finds her masquerading as a tourer, with full wrap fenders, rack, panniers, frame pump, lights, computer, and double brakes. she has also spent goodly amounts of time as a stripped down front brake beauty, and has even been a cross bike (fixed. i dont race). imagine that! this bike does everything, and everything well. next time i can only take one bike with me, this will be the one. (sora cranks, avid cantis, 48-16)

4. a custom fixie! i built this frame myself in my last semester at college. she has track bike geometry, and is a joy to ride. caveman-like description of the build and more pictures can be found at www.productionrunone.com/frame/intro.htm. she used to be set up as a brakeless sawed-off bullhorn fox, but after a while i decided i liked going too dang fast in the city to comfortably ditch the brakes and she was reincarnated as seen here. currently fitted with sora cranks, internet carbon fork, 42-16, and funky dual-wrap bar tape. i laced the front wheel three leading/three trailing for a neat look.