Austin Bike Zoo!
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Katy in Austin again: I wasn't lost this time, just exploring! There's a funny little hill district adjacent to the Austin Convention Center that seemed to have crazy outdoor restaurants. Pricess Hungry suggested we eat at one called the "G'Raj Mahal", so I went to investigate. Not only did I find the restaurant, but I found this cool "bike" and trailer thing in the yard! As I was parking my bike, I saw this thing but it was difficult to sort out what it all was at first. After looking past the bicycle that was leaning up against the front of the "thing" I was able to figure out that it was a series of trikes pulling a trailer!

I loved this series of trikes, and look at the trailer!

Then as I was riding around, I happened upon this little house, and in the same yard was a bicycle-powered moth (picture was bad) and this bat! Princess Hungry told me enough about the Austin Bike Zoo to get me searching online for it. Makes me want to learn how to weld!

Ride fast and far ...
katy and dennis