Alita's Bike from the 2005 Symposium Conversion Project.

Aaron, Franklin, M-189, Fixedweasel, and Alita.

One year later....follow down this column to see what it looks like. It's been ridden nearly every day by Lou and Alita's sister Kriya. It's time for some work, huh?

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Hey...So how clean is your shop? 1st use of USPS Priority tape. Reynolds 531 throughout! 13 months without a cleaning. What did I say? How about fightin' a little grime? Doesn't look too victorius right now. That brake cable needs Arnold to pull it. Axle nuts loose both sides - 1/2 slop. Did you need a closer view of the chain? No seals on this headset. First time I've ever flipped the insert on my Park crank tool. No seals down here either. Yuck. 2nd use of USPS Priority tape as seatpost shim. If you wrap enough tape around a piece of 3/4" conduit you can make a 27.0 seatpost outa it.


And now put let's put it back together.... Thank god for steel races. And good 'ol Havoline Blue. Stripped to the frame, de-junked, and given two nice baths in ArmourAll. She's purty now. My camera batteries died, so you'll have to trust me that the BB was fully cleaned and greased with mo' Blue. The secret's out...Teflon tape on the BB threads and headset too. Some red bar tape from the bin, a spare Nashbar lever wired backwards through a noodle, and we got brakes. I'll spare the details of the hub work...the wheels are pretty rough, so I only opened them up enough to fill the galleys up with mo'Blue. Reflective tape here and there. Shiny new PC1 chain. Better skewers from the bin, those hubs and spokes are sad. Pads adjusted...looks nice, huh? Found a nice chrome 27.0 seatpost in the bin too.

Next week this bike gets boxed up and sent out to Alita in San Francisco. Watch for it and say hi.