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Diamond Wrap - by fixedrider - December 19, 2005
Here's the info on how to do "The Diamond Wrap".
Here it is.
The Diamond Wrap. I've been doing this style wrap now for years. I've only ever done it to friends bikes, or have charged a lot of money if I didn't know you. Regardless, I always thought of it as being "special". Not because it's hard to do, but because you don't see it everyday and to my knowledge not that many mechanics I know can do it. I've only ever taught 1 other person how to do it and now I hear she's doing it for anybody doing like it's going out of style and she invented it. So since she already "blew up the stop", I figured I show y'all so that you too can have unique bars.

Step 1- track down some cloth handlbar tape. You'll need 4 rolls total. 2 rolls per side. Start with both rolls facing different directions at a slight angle (pic 1).

Step 2 - Now here's the hardest part. Once you accomplish this part the rest is cake. Now, Decide what roll you want to start with and wrap it ONCE around the bar (pic 2). Then UNROLL it half a turn. Next, grab the other roll and start wrapping around one turn. PEEL back the first roll (pic 3) and complete roll 2's turn.

Now it's just a matter of re-doing that pattern over and over again. roll 1 goes 1 full turn, then peeled back half a turn, roll 2 goes 1 full turn, then peeld back half a turn always making room for the next layer.

For those for you with brakes, it's a bit of a challenge getting this wrap to look neat over the "hoods", but it can be done.
To finish it off right, instead of using colored tape, try using HEMP TWINE. Classy as hell. Once your done, cover the whole shebang with shellac. Why? Cause it makes it waterproof, and it'll keep it clean looking. Finish off with some Velox bar plugs.
For this little lesson I warpped the bars on my race bike so I didn't use hemp twine or shellac cause I don't care what it looks like.

You can find Hemp twine here - www.rivbike.com/webalog/handlebars_stems_tape/

and you can learn how to shellac your freshly warpped bars here - www.mindspring.com/~d.g1/shellac.html

fixedrider - brooklyn - darkside2323@gmail.com