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Bernard’s Bianchi

18,835 • 80’s era Bianchi, model unknown. Original Celeste paint. My first fixed gear, converted myself at cheapest possible cost. New wheelset, chain, and cog/lock ring. All else…

Micheal’s Suzume

18,834 • This is a custom made traditional Japanese-style track bike (called “Suzume”) made by Winter Bicycles. I just received he bike and I am from the New…

Rabasa Derbi De Carretera

18,833 • Hi from Zaragoza (Spain)! There is my 80’s restored Rabasa derbi de carretera, it was from my father, and i decided to restore it as a…

Jeffery’s Casati

18,832 •

Daniel’s Dolan Pre Cursa

18,831 • Hi there! My new purchase . I bought this with dual purpose in mind. 165mm cranks as I’m intending to gain velodrome accreditation this winter and wanted…

Cole’s Quintana Roo Fixie

18,830 • Hi. I’m Cole and I’m from Allegan, Michigan were this photo was taken on a footbridge over the Kalamazoo River. This is an aluminum and carbon…

Bianchi Pista Chrome Circa 2005

18,829 • Bianchi Pista Chrome Circa 2005: Just bought this off ebay. I’m still tweaking and finding out more about it. Most parts are stock, bars, stem and…

Andrew’s Simonato

18,828 • Andrew – Czech Republic

Daniel’s Phosphor Color Fixie

18,827 • I’m Daniel. this is my new fixie bike from onegearheads. I ride in Berlin with gearing 48×16 and no brakes 😉 all parts are in phosphor…

Jesper’s Alan Super Record

18,826 • My latest build. It is a Alan Super Record that I converted into a fixie. It drives really well and I like the way the silver…

Ian’s 1970s Raleigh Professional

18,825 • Raced on this frame between 1978 and 1981. It’s a Raleigh Professional now built up as a work bike with Schmidt Dynohub. FSA Gimondi chainset, original…

Michael’s van Herwerden

18,824 • I wanted to submit my track bike to your great website. It’s made to measure by master frame builder Jan van Dalen and hand painted by…

Igor’s Fuji

18,823 • It is my new built bike Fuji frame from 80s. I build wheels too, had so much fun building them.

Danny’s Finelli

18,822 • Hi, my friend gave me his old Finelli and I made a fixie out of it.I kept the Biopace chainwheel. Regards, Danny Ruest Canada

Maxwell’s Surly

18,821 • Today will be one of the most memorable days in my life. I live in Louisville ky. Live in old Louisville and commute to work downtown….

Daniel’s Fixie

18,820 •

Sebastian’s Concorde Colombo lo-pro

18,819 • Concorde colombo lo-pro. (rebuild) Wheels: Ussr Fluidisk, rear 700c, front 650c. Tyres vittoria & Clement Tubular. BB Campagnolo record. Crankset: Campagnolo Record Track Pista 165 151BCD…

Rati’s Leader 722 Heritage

18,818• Hello, I’m Rati from Thailand. Here is my fixed. Leader 722 heritage

Joel’s Custom Fixie Stanridge Speed

18,817• My Custom Stanridge Speed HSP II (High Street Pursuit). Whiskey disc front fork. Columbus tubing. Track bars. Custom crank. The conti’s28c are wrapped around velocity rims laced…

Chuck’s Fixie

18,816• Haven’t built a fixie for a couple of years but built one up for “Bob”. Had a pretty roached Peugeot bike laying around so off with the…

Igor’s Fixed Gear

18,815 •

Jeremiah’s Cannondale System Six 120

18,814 • Made this year’s ago when I worked for Cannondale. Thought you might like it.

Cédric’s 60’S Sprinter

18,813 • Hello, I’m a french designer and this is my bike, it’s a restoration about an old french made (Alain Michel) in the 60’s. Thanks to share Bien…

Igor’s Fixed Gear

18,812 •

Gerard’s Fabricbike

18,811 • Hello my name is Gerard and here are 2 pictures of my bike.

Gaëlle’s Fixie

18,810 • Hi there! The world is upside down in Cozumel with FixieArte! Remember to always SMILE!

Lynn’s Fixed Gear

18,809 • intresting couple of pics… this bike dates 1982-3 ..THE first genuine aero bike.built by the Lotus bike designer Mike burrows. carbonfibre was in its infancy back then…

Kirill’s Fixed Gear

18,808 •

Luca’s Fixed Gear

18,807 •

Thomas’ Bikesdirect

18,806 • Thomas from Chicago here, It is with great sorrow that I report the loss of my Bikesdirect Carbon frame, who succumbed to a hairline crack to…

Robert’s Cinelli

18,805• Hi there, I wanted to show you my bike with a handmade rack i built. I would love to add my bechance site if possible, there are…

Markus’ café racer

18,804 • Frameset: Schindelhauer Hektor Hubs: Mack Hubs Spokes: Rödel Aero Z Rims: Yishun Carbon Composites 88mm rear, 50mm front Paintjob: Finelines Pinstriping Setm/seatpost: Cinelli Vai Handlebar: Cinelli…

John’s Fixed Gear

18,803 • My first build at the age of 48. Gotta get one in before my knees give out. Been following your site since the beginning – this…

Thomas’ Surly Steamroller

18,802 • Thanks for the amazing site it has been an inspiration for many of my builds. this is my surly steamroller. it has energy lab carbon track wheels….

Sebastian’s Fixed Gear

18,801 • From Copenhagen

BLB Reynolds

18,800 • Here is a bike for my wife’s birthday: frame: BLB Reynolds butted saddle: brooks seatpost: BLB rims: h plus son hubs: c-unit spokes: sapim butted tires:…

Martijn’s Concorde Aquila

18,799 • Here’s my early 90’s Concorde Aquila! Columbus SLX tubing, Halo Aerorage rear wheel, Surly sprocket and a mix of parts from the bin. 44/17. Best regards,…

Barak’s 1981 Trek 610

18,798 • Here is my 1981 Trek 610 converted to be my first fixed gear road bike. I bought it as a neglected pewter gray 610 without decals,…

Mateusz’s La Piovra

18,797 •

Igor’s 2nd Fixed Gear

18,796 • This is my 2nd bike. Built it a month ago. Frame bought on eBay 47x16T ratio, Dura Ace crank, Compagnolo BB and seat post, Brooks B17…

Igor’s Fixed Gear

18,795 •

Jordan’s Throne Phantom

18,794 • My Name is Jordan and I live in Christchurch New Zealand. This is my Throne Phantom 59cm, with Sram Omnium Crankset, Novotec Hubs laced to alexrims…

Craig’s 1987 Schwinn World Sport

18,793 • 1987 Schwinn World Sport frame from my late brother Mike and modeled after my dads 1969 Dodge Dart GTS. Custom paint job is Mopar Y2 yellow….

Tom’s Surly Steamroller

18,792 • Submitting my surly steamroller. Second bike submitted on your site thanks for the amazing place to see people’s builds. 10th fixed gear I’ve owned. Surly steamroller with…

Andrew’s Centurion

18,791 • This is my Centurion. Pretty cheap stuff but works well. 39X15 gearing.

Trek Earl

18,790 • This is my Trek Earl with a few upgrades and a slight frame modification

Greg’s Randor Rebuild

18,789 • Greetings from Bronx NY. I’m a big fan of the fixie gallery and really hope that I can get my Randor rebuild added in. I rescued…

Thomas’ Custom Built Commuter

18,788 • Cleveland, Ohio. Custom built commuter with wood fenders, paul brakes and hubs, tubus rack, brooks tape, etc. One of two by this builder in existence. About 18K…

Maxence’s Fixed Gear

18,787 • I build this bike for a project in school, I hope you like it 🙂 thanks for the look!

Βαγγέλης GT GTR

18,786 • Gt gtr series 1 2014