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Gary’s Peugeot fixie

18,767 • Mid-80’s Peugeot, Carbolite 103 tubing, Unusual that it came with a triple crank. I ground the teeth off the 52 ring and use the 42 ring….

Trevor’s 1974 Raliegh Grand Prix

18,766 • Hi my name is Trevor. I am a bike mechanic in Aurora, Colorado. About a month ago I was given my 1974 Raliegh grand prix as a…

Arvydas’ 1985 Turist

18,765 • Hi, I’m Arvydas Burdulis from Kaunas, Lithuania and here is my bike. Frame is 1985 Turist, made in Soviet Union. Originally it had 5 gears, but…

Matthew’s Custom Built Cinelli Vigorelli Caleido

18,764 • Here is my custom built Cinelli Vigorelli Caleido Matthew from Hull, UK

Zakarias’ Folding Fixie

18,763 • What do you guys think of our folding fixie? Best regards, Zakarias

Rick’s Kyoso

18,762 • Hi, this is my late seventies,early eighties Kyoso. I build it and painted it with my son. The parts are all italian,such as: Cinelli,sella italia,Campagnolo,sel.cof,modolo and…

DBS by Daccordi

18,761 • Fixie friends, these are some pictures to highlight the work of a highly skilled craftsman right outside of Oslo, Norway. This is a DBS track frame,…

Stewart’s Aventon Montara

18,760 • Hi, my name is Stewart Mitchell and this is my fixed gear.

Brian’s Ayrton Silverstone Bike

18,759 • I’m Brian Banao from Cavite Philippines. Here’s my ayrton silverstone bike.

Pablo Carrasco’s Soma Rush (Boston)

18,758 • This is a 2007 (I believe, due to the bottle bosses, etc) Soma Rush I was fortunate enough to purchase from a local cyclist who had…

Dennis’ Fixed Gear Fastab Tandem

18,757 • This was a rescue effort, as indicated by the before and after pictures. It is a Fastab tandem from the 70’s that had been ridden much,…

Go get the mail bike

18,756 •

Brian’s 1972 Windsor Profesional

18,755 • This is my umpteenth submission. I think my last was in 2010 with a Peugeot conversion that ended up on Bikesnob because it featured my Dachshund…

Brian’s 1968 Atala Professional

18,754 • I’ve submitted a few bikes over the years, but this one’s my favorite and most recent. It’s a 1968 Atala Professional that’s set up practically for…

Sam’s 84 Bianchi

18,753 • There’s my fix bike Bianchi ’84 I’m from Canada, Quebec Montréal Thank you! Sam


18,752 •  Southlake,TX

Trek Alpha 1.1 – Erie Pennsylvania

18,751 • My trek alpha 1.1 road bike built fixed gear started with frame and fork

Aventon Mataro bike

18,750 • Hi there, Hope you like the pictures 🙂



Franck’s “fends la bise”

18,748 • Hi , I am Franck from France, Grenoble. This bike is my daily bike. It´s call because I like going fast with it. Franck  

Huffy Santa Fe, Boise Idaho

18,747 • This was my first fixed gear bike I made a few years ago out of a Huffy Santa Fe I found behind a dumpster. Nothing fancy,…

Hunter’s 1989 Tunturi Fixed Gear

18,746 • We just finished this build and thought it deserved a place in the gallery. It’s a 1989 Tunturi Road Frame we had blasted and powdercoated, built…

Leandro’s Caloi 10 Sportissima

18,745 • Hi. My name is Leandro Garcia from Itauna – MG – Brazil, and this is my second fixie project. Her name is – A Favorita –…

Steven’s Classic Line

18,744 • The fixie in the pictures is my last build. The frame is a 2014 Stevens classic line from Hamburg, Germany. Wheels are build by my self…

Ross’s Raleigh Triathlon Redux – Ipswich England

18,743 • I just finished my Raleigh Triathlon, brought back from the dead. I’m pleased with the results after 10 months work on and off. It started with an…

Niklas’ Beone

18,742 • Hey, my name is Niklas Mattern and I am a big fan from your Facebook page! Here are some pictures from my loved Fixie, if you…

Hiatt’s Benotto Pista 2700

18,741 • Benotto Pista 2700 Campagnolo Record Pista BB, Cranks (48/17), Headset Brooks Cambium C15 saddle (natural) Velocity Deep V w/ Vittoria Zaffiro Pro tires Nitto Dynamic stem…

Daniel’s Crescent Sportracer

18,740 • Cheers! I am addicted to Fixed Gear Gallery and here are my own fixie. It is a 1972 Crescent Sportracer. Originally a three-gear version of Crescent Världsmästarcykeln….

Gios Torino Super Record

18,739 • Hello, this is my 66 cm c/t Gios Torino with Campagnolo Gran Sport crank and brake callipers. Mavic Module E2 rims and Selle San Marco saddle….

1970’s Raleigh

18,738 •

Peugeot Tour de France

18,737 • Hello, this is my new Peugeot Tour de France at 1985 model

Sam’s Cinelli x Mash Parallax

18,736 • Hello from Portland, Oregon! I recently completed my build and I wanted to share a picture of it when it’s nice and clean. It will probably…

Nosebleed velodrome bike

18, 735 • From Gerry