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Feddos’ 8Bar

19,194 • Instagram: @feddos_

Teodora's Fixed Gear

Teodora’s Fixed Gear

19,193 • Hello! My bike is made in Italy by Artigiano Instagram: @tedeto

Keyan’s CNC Bikes No Name Frame

19,192 • True fixed gear, 85mm rims shot with Continental GP 4000s II, 105 front brake for emergency stops and 44:18 gear ratio for touring ( 9% gradients…

Justin's Critical Cycles

Justin’s Critical Cycles

19,191 • Beater build up insta: @messyjarbag

Mike Bullis' Raleigh

Mike Bullis’ Raleigh

19,190 • The Old Guard at FGG know this bike, The Phoenix, yet I never posted it on FGG. Built up from the remains of my old Mercier,…

Sael's Aventon

Sael’s Aventon

19,189 • Black and pink Aventon. Faltan algunos detalles en manubrios…

Nic Boushee's Bianchi

Nic Boushee’s Bianchi

19,188 • My 5th build on FGG, an ’86 Bianchi — chopped, stripped, and coated in Boeshield T9 (fyi, don’t use clear plastidip). Everything’s original except the tires, seat,…

Felipe Treviño's Critycal Cycles

Felipe Treviño’s Critical Cycles

19,187 • Critical Cycles Urban. Frontera Reynosa, México. La negra.

Nathan's Schwinn Paramount

Nathan’s Schwinn Paramount

19,186 • My bike is an 80s Schwinn Paramount.  All braze one and extra mounts have been shaved off. Custom gold and black metal flake paint job. sugino crankset,…

Arthuro’s Raleigh Capri

19,185 • Resurrected!! I had found an old 10-speed bike in the attic of our garage in Grand Rapids. I took all of the 80s parts off that bike…

Timmy’s Huffy Scout

19,184 • Huffy scout trash find.

Shawn Anderson’s GT GTB

19,183 • Just built my dream bike!

Jay’s Motobecane Grand Record

19,182 • Motobecane Gran Record ’73 fixed conversion. Some old, some new.

Adam L's Vietnamese Bamboo Fixie

Adam L’s Vietnamese Bamboo Fixie

19,181 • My first fixed gear bike. My carbon road bikes are hanging unused because this thing is so damned fun.

Gaelle's Viento by FixieArte

Gaelle’s Viento by FixieArte

19,180 • Sea muse. Fixie in Paradise custom made by Artist Filos Fatu featuring a Viento frame by FixieArte.

Bahadır's Colnago

Bahadır’s Colnago

19,179 • handmade

Pilo’s Vintage Raleigh Track

Pilo’s Vintage Raleigh Track

19,178 • Taking the Raleigh for a spin!

Nelson’s Retrospec

19,177 • My baby ~ Retrospec cycles

Razvan’s State Bicycle Co.

19,176 • It’s a black and white themed, minimalistic and hipster-ish photo, taken on the streets of Bucharest, our beloved city the bike’s brand is the well known…

Gab’s Fixed Gear

19,175 • Simple machine. Simple, efficient and reliable steed.

CK's Fixed Gear

CK’s Fixed Gear

19,174 • My fixed gear

Kaizer's Ave Maldea

Kaizer’s Ave Maldea

19,173 • My Ave Maldea triple tri from bcd034

Tim's Republic

Tim’s Republic

19,172 • Custom Republic fixie

Joost's Batavus

Joost’s Batavus

19,171 • Own bike, build from a gold and silver Batavus course.

John's Bianchi Super Pista

John’s Bianchi Super Pista

19,170 • Custom built bianchi super pista.

Gael's handcrafted wooden bike

Gael’s handcrafted wooden bike

19,169 • wooden bike totally handcrafted in one week. The wood used is white oak and ipé. wheels are 700 LRT with Kenda kontender tires on it. The handlebar…

Jekabs' Latvian 'Black Mamba'

Jekabs’ Latvian ‘Black Mamba’

19,168 • ZZK frameset Custom Rims Purefix stem/handlebars/headset Sugino crankset BLB seatpost / BLB Fly saddle Custom DIY straps

Michael's Cinelli Vigorelli

Michael’s Cinelli Vigorelli

19,167 • Back with new upgrades. Mash front rack, all black mks pedals, and black mash toecaps, and wide bars updated build from submission: 19,109  Frame: Vigorelli Wheels: H+Son…

Frank's Fixed Gear General Journey

Frank’s General Journey

19,166 • My mid-80s General Journey at sun set. I love this bike

Max's Caprice

Max’s Caprice

19,165 • Best Caprice gran turismo special

Serkan's Fixed Gear Fuji Feather Chrome

Serkan’s Fuji Feather Chrome

19,164 • Eskisehir, Turkey

Nelson Almendarez Fixed Gear Kendo Track

Nelson’s Kendo Track

19,163 • Kendo track frameset Nitto stem/handlebars, seatpost, headset Sugino crankset/bottom bracket EAI cog/Shimano lockring Blue Lug Anzen saddle MKS pedals/straps/clips H+Son wheelset

Robert Haverly’s Fuji Track (v1)

Robert Haverly’s Fuji Track (v1)

19,162 • H+Son Formation Face and Dura-Ace on the front, H+Son Hydra and Formula fixed/fixed on the rear.

Juan Pablo Cruz’s Fixed Gear

19,161 • 

Klusek Karol Raleigh

Klusek Karol’s Raleigh

19,160 • Early 90’s Raleigh Special Products Division based on Reynolds 531 Competition tubing. Still with the original paint job

Kuba Wojciechowski Fixed Gear

Kuba Wojciechowski’s Fixed Gear

19,159 •

Joyce Chenal peugeot

Joyce Chenal’s Peugeot

19,158 • peugeot rust restoration retropedalge breakless

Luis Cruz Cinelli Caliedo

Luis Cruz’s Cinelli Caliedo

19,157 • Sharing my Cinelli Caliedo! From Philippines

Marco’s Visp TRX 790

19,156 • Visp TRX 790

Christopher’s 2017 Poloandbike – CMNDR

19,155 • 2017 POLOANDBIKE – CMNDR. The Black Stallion. An amazing bike and great price. For me personally, comparable to a 2008 Cinelli Vigorelli

Raymond Morgan’s Scattante SSR

19,154 • Scattante SSR

Krzysztof’s Handmade Bamboo Frame Fixie

19,153 • Hi guys Hand made bamboo frame (I’ve spent a loooong time shaping those lugs). with lovely Vintage SHIMANO 105 Golden arrow 170 MM 52/42 alloy jis…

Dana Crujido’s State Bicycle Co.

19,152 • Bikes Since 72

Erhan Can’s Fixie

19,151 • Fixie from Eskişehir/Turkey

Mario Enriquez’s Surly Pugsley

19,150 • fff…fat f*cking fixie. ‘nuff said…

Roland Ritweiss’ Polo & Bike

19,149 • Here is my custom fixie guys, with a Polo & Bike frameset hope y’all like. Tried to make it unusual as possible with that rusty and…

Volare Style Club

Volare Style Club. Join us!

Kuba’s Mielzo

19,148 • Daily ridden beater.

Ralph Cady’s Harry Quinn #2

19,147 • Zeus hubs, Campy cranks, Cinelli stem.

Mayra’s Cdmx

19,146 • La bicicleta siempre te lleva a los mejores lugares.