Dear Dennis
Two yeras ago we found on the internet your superbe site. Since then we have a look from time to time at your great site, and we always wantet to contribute also our Fixies. Finaly we made it. In 1979 i discovered that fixed gear cycling in winter is the best and most efficient way to pass this time. But then i stoppet cycling and found to it again 10 yeras ago. Since then we cycle during summer time with our regular race bikes and in wintertime with our fixies.
So here is the first fixie from my friend Cello:
Cello's Fixie: It's a original Mercier, Pink Team color Raymond Poulidor, Tubes Reynolds 531, Track cranks from gipiemme, Track hub from Campagnolo, Handlebar from Profile, Brakes an Pedals from Shimano and the Gearring ist 50 x 20 which is almost 5 meters and looks great.
We live in Switzerland Basel very close to the french and german border. Thanks for the great site again.
Dominic Hofmann & Marcel Moning