I live in Arlington, VA.

Attached are photos of my grocery getter. It is a fixed gear Univega that has been outfitted with "Wiser not Wider" bumper stickers, which calls for people to consider transportation alternatives as opposed to providing wider highways. The grocery-getter attachment is a Trail-a-Bike that was handed down to me. I removed the seat, seatpost, and handle bars. Attached to the Trail-a-Bike are recycling bins that I purchased several years ago from the Container Store. I secured the recycling bins to the Trail-a-Bike with some old plywood that I found, and some bolts from the local hardware store. I also secured the bins with canoe staps that I had on hand. The total cost for the purchased bolts was $7.50.

The list of items that I purchased from the local grocery store, using this grocery-getter bike are:

1) 1 gallon orange juice 2) 1/2 gallon milk 3) (2) 2 liter bottles of Diet Coke 4) 1/2 gallon cranberry juice 5) 1/2 gallon lemonade 6) (2) 0.750 liter bottle of wine 7) olive oil 8) 1 lb pasta 9) pasta sauce 10) 1 lb peanuts 11) (2) lunchables 12) (2) 5 bar boxes of Fiber One bars 13) Veggie burgers 14) a loaf of bread 15) a bunch of six bananas 16) 1/2 lb of strawberries 17) 1 qt. Soy milk 18) 1 lb brussels sprouts 19) 1 bag of salad 20) 1 lb cherries 21) 1 lb bag of pretzels 22) 1 package of maccaroni and cheese 23) (2) tortilla wraps 24) 1 box of Popsicles 25) 1 box of Triscuits 26) 1 package of fig newtons 27) 1 roll paper towels 28) 1 box facial tissue 29) 1 box of cereal 30) 1 package of Fig Newtons

The weight of this haul was over 60 lbs.

With a single wheel in the back, this grocery-getter tracks quite well.