This is an all original full Campy Record Track, Columbus PS Sprinter Track Tube set, Plastic "Unicantor" saddle, Record High flange Hubs, Fiamme Red lable rims, "tied and soldered". Never raced, barely ridden. Pristine condition. It is still refreshed/rebuilt ocassionally using only Campy grease. Handle Bar tape and tires have been replaced. Three owners. Oscar Wastyn, Ron Wallis, and me.

For you Chicagoans, yes this the bike that hung in Wastyn's Cycle shop window in the late 60's. If I am to believe the story, Wastyn previaled upon Cino Cinnelli to build it and paint it yellow which was not an available color at the time. You could get , Silver, Red, Blue or Black, but not yellow. After several "break ins" Wastyn's decided to sell the bike to keep it from being stolen or destroyed. It was sold to Mr. Ron Wallis of Dearborn MI and I acquired it after relentlessly "badgering" him. It has survived 8 cross country moves and a divorce intact without a blemish. Wastyn's "sticker" is still in place on the seat tube. Ron if you are out there, I still have it, I still love it and you still have first rights of refusal if I ever get crazy and decide to sell it.

To answer one gentleman's question, yes Cinelli "chromed" the lugs. Cinenni lugs were generally stamped, long points with simple oal cutouts or three holed drillings. The familiar fastback seat cluster was 1/2 chromed and the binder bolt passed through the backstays. original Italian chrome plating and painting were usually rather crude and certainly do not compare to todays perfection as demanded by the American market. It pales when compared to Waterford's polished SS Henry James lugs and dropouts and exquisite finishes. (sorry, I have no connection with Waterford)

Lynn Forrest