Hi Dennis,
I could not believe my eyes when I first saw the site !
I guess this is the first Italian entry. Road fixies are not very popular here. At the beginning of the racing season some people fit a rear wheel with a welded cassette body, but road fixies like these are really rare.
The frame is a late seventies track unit made with Columbus SL/SP tubing. The components are Super Record Pista with 165 mm cranks. Front brake is Super Record as well Rear hub is a 24h unit, therefore I had to find a suitable rim to match and compensate for the low number of spokes. This Fir Aria seems to hold well the abuse I fitted also Q/R axles Gear is 50 / 19 which, suitable for the hilly coastline of Genoa, with a 3/8 chain Saddle is San Marco Regal, a good match for the Brooks !
All the best and keep up with the good job !
Piero Orlando - zundo@tiscali.it