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Jekabs' Latvian 'Black Mamba'

Jekabs’ Latvian ‘Black Mamba’

19,168 • ZZK frameset Custom Rims Purefix stem/handlebars/headset Sugino crankset BLB seatpost / BLB Fly saddle Custom DIY straps

Michael's Cinelli Vigorelli

Michael’s Cinelli Vigorelli

19,167 • Back with new upgrades. Mash front rack, all black mks pedals, and black mash toecaps, and wide bars updated build from submission: 19,109  Frame: Vigorelli Wheels: H+Son…

Frank's Fixed Gear General Journey

Frank’s General Journey

19,166 • My mid-80s General Journey at sun set. I love this bike

Max's Caprice

Max’s Caprice

19,165 • Best Caprice gran turismo special

Serkan's Fixed Gear Fuji Feather Chrome

Serkan’s Fuji Feather Chrome

19,164 • Eskisehir, Turkey

Nelson Almendarez Fixed Gear Kendo Track

Nelson’s Kendo Track

19,163 • Kendo track frameset Nitto stem/handlebars, seatpost, headset Sugino crankset/bottom bracket EAI cog/Shimano lockring Blue Lug Anzen saddle MKS pedals/straps/clips H+Son wheelset

Robert Haverly’s Fuji Track (v1)

Robert Haverly’s Fuji Track (v1)

19,162 • H+Son Formation Face and Dura-Ace on the front, H+Son Hydra and Formula fixed/fixed on the rear.

Juan Pablo Cruz’s Fixed Gear

19,161 • 

Klusek Karol Raleigh

Klusek Karol’s Raleigh

19,160 • Early 90’s Raleigh Special Products Division based on Reynolds 531 Competition tubing. Still with the original paint job

Kuba Wojciechowski Fixed Gear

Kuba Wojciechowski’s Fixed Gear

19,159 •

Joyce Chenal peugeot

Joyce Chenal’s Peugeot

19,158 • peugeot rust restoration retropedalge breakless

Luis Cruz Cinelli Caliedo

Luis Cruz’s Cinelli Caliedo

19,157 • Sharing my Cinelli Caliedo! From Philippines

Marco’s Visp TRX 790

19,156 • Visp TRX 790

Christopher’s 2017 Poloandbike – CMNDR

19,155 • 2017 POLOANDBIKE – CMNDR. The Black Stallion. An amazing bike and great price. For me personally, comparable to a 2008 Cinelli Vigorelli

Raymond Morgan’s Scattante SSR

19,154 • Scattante SSR

Krzysztof’s Handmade Bamboo Frame Fixie

19,153 • Hi guys Hand made bamboo frame (I’ve spent a loooong time shaping those lugs). with lovely Vintage SHIMANO 105 Golden arrow 170 MM 52/42 alloy jis…

Dana Crujido’s State Bicycle Co.

19,152 • Bikes Since 72

Erhan Can’s Fixie

19,151 • Fixie from Eskişehir/Turkey

Mario Enriquez’s Surly Pugsley

19,150 • fff…fat f*cking fixie. ‘nuff said…

Roland Ritweiss’ Polo & Bike

19,149 • Here is my custom fixie guys, with a Polo & Bike frameset hope y’all like. Tried to make it unusual as possible with that rusty and…

Kuba’s Mielzo

19,148 • Daily ridden beater.

Ralph Cady’s Harry Quinn #2

19,147 • Zeus hubs, Campy cranks, Cinelli stem.

Mayra’s Cdmx

19,146 • La bicicleta siempre te lleva a los mejores lugares.

Simon’s Dolan

19,145 • My Dolan is my first build… Black and white with a splash of color.

Conor’s PRESTO cycle

19,144 • I restored my son’s fixed gear as a tribute to him. He rode the hell out of this thing for years, then it fell to ruin…

Phil Gandini’s 6KU

19,143 • 6KU Track fixie with modifications. 46/17 gearing 17lbs

David’s Fixed Gear

19,142 • Most fun I’ve had building a bike. So my bike was an old fixed gear that had not been used in about 2 years. I wanted…

Alan Chambers’ Koga Miyata

19,141 • Koga Miyata Gents Aero Racer 1982, Tange Champion Tubing, original paint and repro decals. Rear brake boss and dropouts polished to a shine. Shimano ax600 chainset,…

Kuba’s Fixed Gear

19,140 • My first fixed gear. Show my bike 😉

Michał’s Fixed Gear

19,139 • Fixed gear handmade in Poland. Frame geometry Cinelli Mash produced in Mielec. Handlebar Deda Crononero Low Rider. Wheels Accent Exe, hub Novatec pista, crank Mic/rack Ponilli 48t,…

Marcus G’s State Bicycle Undefeated 2

19,138 • I could not stand the branding and paint job on the undefeated 2….so I redid it at the auto dealership I work at then added my own…

Bas’ Copper Ekke

19,137 • I have been collecting nice parts for years until I found the right frame. A copper plated frame by Ekke Bike Art. Build with a vintage Philippe…

George Merry’s Fixed Gear

19,136 • A little bit of colour never hurt anyone. Orange and black fixed gear bike with deep rims and a lot of colour

Joost van den Berg’s Batavus

19,135 • My own bike build by myself, the original is a Dutch bike brand named batavus, model course. Painted wheel grey metallic with black rims.

Svengali’s Cannondale

19,134 • Cannondale “Team Major Taylor” track frame, FSA chainring, Bianchi cranks, Shimano ultegra brake. Sorry for cell phone photo! love TO FGG from the PNW

Welington’s Tre3e ONE

19,133 • Bikecheck Tre3e number one aluminum Fork Carbon Sadle velo Seatpost kalloy Crankset Miche Advanced 49t Bolts Token Cogs/lockring 13 e 15 cr-mo Front wheel Reynolds Strike…

Stijn Clavie’s Peugeot

19,132 • This is my fixed Peugeot I built (mostly) myself. The frame was something I found in the garbage and since I always wanted a fixed gear…

David Bello Warache’s Fixed Gear

19,131 • Cuadro personalizado Drop de pista cinelli. México cdmx

Ian Broekman’s Batavus Fixed Gear Build

19,130 • This is a build I did taking an old lugged frame from a Batavus road bike and converted it for fixed gear use. I tried to…

Pete Bucktrout’s Fixed Gear

19,129 •

Tomek Dorsz’s Fixed Gear

19,128 • 

Miguel’s Herr Standert

19,127 • Fixed Randonneur and my daily commuter. Frame is Herr Standert from Standert, Brooks Cambium saddle and bartape. Brake levers and setpost shimano 600. Blb Super Pista Crankset,…

Anson’s Cinelli

19,126 • Fixie in xiangyang

Elod’s Cinelli Gleris

19,125 • Pista

Theodor Batica’s Fixed Gear

19,124 •  Love fixie bike

Brendon Smith’s Aventon Cordoba

19,123 •  2018 aventon cordoba 55cm Shimano 105 brakes 48/16 ratio. Redline head.

Nicola’s Personal Converted Fixed Gear

19,122 •  Converted fixed gear bike from Italy, with Personal road frame (built in Padua I think in the ‘70), Ofmega crankset and headset. Other parts are decathlon/economic…

Barney Redman's Moulton mk3

Barney Redman’s Moulton mk3

19,121 •  Moulton MK3, track ends, Campagnolo inch pitch drive, Cinelli bar and stem….Moulton bell.

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Oliver Bajor’s Fixed Gear

19,120 •  My daily workhorse commuter setup with spinny gear ratio.