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Simon’s Dolan

19,145 • My Dolan is my first build… Black and white with a splash of color.

Conor’s PRESTO cycle

19,144 • I restored my son’s fixed gear as a tribute to him. He rode the hell out of this thing for years, then it fell to ruin…

Phil Gandini’s 6KU

19,143 • 6KU Track fixie with modifications. 46/17 gearing 17lbs

David’s Fixed Gear

19,142 • Most fun I’ve had building a bike. So my bike was an old fixed gear that had not been used in about 2 years. I wanted…

Alan Chambers’ Koga Miyata

19,141 • Koga Miyata Gents Aero Racer 1982, Tange Champion Tubing, original paint and repro decals. Rear brake boss and dropouts polished to a shine. Shimano ax600 chainset,…

Kuba’s Fixed Gear

19,140 • My first fixed gear. Show my bike 😉

Michał’s Fixed Gear

19,139 • Fixed gear handmade in Poland. Frame geometry Cinelli Mash produced in Mielec. Handlebar Deda Crononero Low Rider. Wheels Accent Exe, hub Novatec pista, crank Mic/rack Ponilli 48t,…

Marcus G’s State Bicycle Undefeated 2

19,138 • I could not stand the branding and paint job on the undefeated 2….so I redid it at the auto dealership I work at then added my own…

Bas’ Copper Ekke

19,137 • I have been collecting nice parts for years until I found the right frame. A copper plated frame by Ekke Bike Art. Build with a vintage Philippe…

George Merry’s Fixed Gear

19,136 • A little bit of colour never hurt anyone. Orange and black fixed gear bike with deep rims and a lot of colour

Joost van den Berg’s Batavus

19,135 • My own bike build by myself, the original is a Dutch bike brand named batavus, model course. Painted wheel grey metallic with black rims.

Svengali’s Cannondale

19,134 • Cannondale “Team Major Taylor” track frame, FSA chainring, Bianchi cranks, Shimano ultegra brake. Sorry for cell phone photo! love TO FGG from the PNW

Welington’s Tre3e ONE

19,133 • Bikecheck Tre3e number one aluminum Fork Carbon Sadle velo Seatpost kalloy Crankset Miche Advanced 49t Bolts Token Cogs/lockring 13 e 15 cr-mo Front wheel Reynolds Strike…

Stijn Clavie’s Peugeot

19,132 • This is my fixed Peugeot I built (mostly) myself. The frame was something I found in the garbage and since I always wanted a fixed gear…

David Bello Warache’s Fixed Gear

19,131 • Cuadro personalizado Drop de pista cinelli. México cdmx

Ian Broekman’s Batavus Fixed Gear Build

19,130 • This is a build I did taking an old lugged frame from a Batavus road bike and converted it for fixed gear use. I tried to…

Pete Bucktrout’s Fixed Gear

19,129 •

Tomek Dorsz’s Fixed Gear

19,128 • 

Miguel’s Herr Standert

19,127 • Fixed Randonneur and my daily commuter. Frame is Herr Standert from Standert, Brooks Cambium saddle and bartape. Brake levers and setpost shimano 600. Blb Super Pista Crankset,…

Anson’s Cinelli

19,126 • Fixie in xiangyang

Elod’s Cinelli Gleris

19,125 • Pista

Theodor Batica’s Fixed Gear

19,124 •  Love fixie bike

Still Steel

19,12 •  Merlo, provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Brendon Smith’s Aventon Cordoba

19,123 •  2018 aventon cordoba 55cm Shimano 105 brakes 48/16 ratio. Redline head.

Nicola’s Personal Converted Fixed Gear

19,122 •  Converted fixed gear bike from Italy, with Personal road frame (built in Padua I think in the ‘70), Ofmega crankset and headset. Other parts are decathlon/economic…

Barney Redman's Moulton mk3

Barney Redman’s Moulton mk3

19,121 •  Moulton MK3, track ends, Campagnolo inch pitch drive, Cinelli bar and stem….Moulton bell.

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Oliver Bajor’s Fixed Gear

19,120 •  My daily workhorse commuter setup with spinny gear ratio.

Cyril’s Aventon

19,119•  Black Aventon w/ Miche Pistard and front brake

Jake’s Viva SKUNKavaganza

19,118 •  A quick stop at my favorite bench along the Los Gatos Creek Trail in California. The bike was born in Taipei, Taiwan, with wheels and hubs…

Ross Chamings Bombtrack Oxbridge

Ross Chamings’ Bombtrack Oxbridge

19,117 • 2016 Bombtrack Oxbridge converted to fixed gear. This is my daily ride!

Kaspar’s Colossi Cheeko

19,116 • Colossi Cheeko frame with Alpina Fork, Deda stem and bar, Token BB and chainset with a 48×15 ratio.

@tiendafixie’s Fixed Gear

19,115 • STILL STEEL. From Merlo, Buenos Aires with rock. Instagram: @tiendafixie

Shangleo’s Fixed Gear

19,114 •  Bought and ride in Malaysia. I don’t know how to ride long distance using a fixed gear yet.

Nico Deryckere's Eddy Merckx

Nico Deryckere’s Eddy Merckx

19,113 • Greetings from Ghent, Belgium. This is my original Eddy Merckx aluminum track frame and some old Corima road wheels. I had to convert the hubs to fit…

Emmanuel’s Creme Cycles

19,112 • My work in progress! Creme cycles frameset, Philwood 19T cog, Velocidad crankset, HKK Vertex chain, Fyxation pedals, Rinpoch wheelset Insta: @weekdaydiver

Martin Dreyer’s SwiftArt Whiskey

19,111 • SwiftArt Whiskey frame, carbon fork, kappstein pinion, trispoke, dropbar, low pro,

Dan Field’s Nashbar Road LP

19,110 •  Nashbar Road LP frame de lugged, chrome fork, Eigthinch crankset, Retrospec wheels, stem, seat pedal straps from Origin 8. Gearing i 46/17

Michael’s Cinelli Vigorelli

19,109 •  Cinelli Vigorelli 45/136 Hubs: Philwood High-flange Rims: H+Son Tires: veloflex Pedals: MKS BB: SRAM Crankset: SRAM Omnium Chainring: 49t Cog: EAI Gold Medal 17t Chain: Izumi…

Laurent Gouwy’s Eddy Merckx

19,108 •  Merckx Arcobelano ‘96

Tamàs Kerekes’ Fixed Gear

19,107 • Carbon blue. Only a few parts away from happiness…

Tom Brown’s Volume Cutter

19,106 • Courier in Calgary for 18 years. Had a lot of snow this year. Super cold winter as well. This is my volume cutter. Thomson stem. All…

Syaiful Arif‘s Fixed Gear

19,105 • Surakarta, Indonesia Insta: @sya_arif

Diego Borda’s Fixed Gear

19,104 • Mi fixed desde Cordoba, Argentina, saludos ✌ Insta: @die85b

John’s 2014 17th Kero

19,103 • first-ever build with an unsexy 44/16 setup…a decided mash-up of barely congruous parts but in the end, my favorite ride.

Christian Stöckel’s Diamant

19,102 • My 60-year-old Diamant fixie

Jay Debauch’s Urbanite

19,101 • Urbanite (Toronto, ON) stock frame. Cinelli handlebars. Cane Creek headset. Sram crankset. Mavic open pro rims.

Daniel’s Fixed Gear

19,100 • Daniel Haas’ fixed gear. From Curitiba, Brazil

Josh’s Rivendell Rosco Bubbe

19,099 •Dear Dennis and Team Fixed Gear Gallery, May I kindly submit my newest fixed gear bike to your fine gallery? Thank you for keeping the dreams alive….

James’ Mixte Fixed Gear

19,098 • James Rollins’ French Mixte