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Patrik’s Fixed Gear

19,061 • Fixed gear, all the time. Winter edition.

David’s Kiyo Miyazawa

19,060 • 2004 Kiyo Miyasawa Track Bike I purchased the Miyasawa frame from a dealer of used Keirin parts in Japan in 2015. The frame was raced, still has…

Budi’s Omnium Carbon Gold Fixie

19,059 •with love from malaysia (>.<)v

Frank’s Langster

19,058 • Here is my newest it a new langster all stock right now but quick love this thing been riding fixed for a very long time now

dim3nsionalways Cannondale

19,057 • Beautiful Green to coast through!😊

Donny’s Fuji

19,056 • Fuji Track Classic

Marco’s Aventon Cobra 🐍

19,055 •Aventon cobra 🐍 Instagram: @liconaaa

Casper’s Fixed Gear

19,054 • This is my first fixed geared bike. I am named Casper like the friendly ghost. It’s not perfect and many things can be upgraded, but it’s…

Shawn’s Ingria Airpusher

19,053 •Ingria Airpusher Jet black paint with chameleon flakes Sram omniums Mavic ellipse wheel set Izumi super toughness chain Chris King headset spank spoon bars reflective decals San…

Enrico’s Schwinn Cutter

19,052 • Hi! From Italy, please let me introduce my 2011 Schwinn Cutter fixie, modified with gold alu handlebar, Ritchey grips, BMX platform pedals and vintage San Marco…

Tosh’s Peloton

19,051 • rlame:PELOTON crank:SUGINO rear hub:SUNSIN stem:NITTO handle:NITTO


19,050 • 2016 UNKNOWN PS1 58cm ENVE ROAD 2.0 full carbon fork DEDA 60mm stem NITTO RB19 pursuit bars FIZIK ANTARES full carbon saddle THOMSON ELITE seatpost KHS…

JohnL’s Cernunnos Avalon

19,049 •Handmade in Brazil! I am the first person in the USA to own one of these bikes! Check out Cernnunos bicycles on Instagram (where I learned of…

Simon’s Lo pro

19,048 • Hers my lo pro fixie! A joy to ride but a little scary at times . magenta metallic 700c & 650c wheel blb components  

Darko’s White Bike

19,047 •”No Name” early 80’s track bike turned into fixie. I’ve been riding dearly all over East Srem for last four years.

Johnny’s 2016 Panasonic NJS

19,046 • 2016 Panasonic NJS 50cm Frame : PANASONIC // black // 50cm Handlebar : Nitto Headset : Hatta Swan Super Deluxe Stem : Nitto Jaguar 110mm 58Degree…

Kiski’s Bike Mini Velò fixed

19,045 • My Bike from Milan Italy

Josch’s Mars

19,044 • Mars Steel frame from 1975 Nitto Stem + Handlebar Miche Team Crank Gebhardt Chainring Turbo Sattel MKS Pedals + Cages Wheelset from Bonvelo Thickslicks

Mark’s Legran

19,043 • 23 inch Legran Deluxe 10 Speed from fixed


19,042 • my planet x

Tomeo’s Favorit

19,041 • Old man released. 25-years old Favorit back at his best!

Bill’s Wabi

19,040 • Wabi Cycles in the leaves Burnt Red Wabi Special Encore Wheels

Brian’s Takara Kabuto

19,039 • It was after much deliberation that I decided to share my fixed-gear masterpiece here. Fear of resentment as the possessor of such two-wheeled perfection gave me…

J-F Paquin Wander

19,038 • Wander Frame, Brooks saddle, 42-17. From Canada

Adam Long’s Crew Bike Co. District

19,037 • I’ve been riding for a while, but I never thought I would ever have a fixie. I picked this up from a friend and immediately fell…

Dohn’s Monte Carlo named “Allie”

19,036 • Sick fixed gear bike in fixie mode.

Geoff’s Fuji

19,035 • Very Standard Fuji Track Classic. Best £350 I’ve ever spent.

Danny Diamant Belgian 56cm

19,034 • Diamant Belgian frame 56cm. 46/16. Brakes front and rear. Spider web Saddle. Kinetic one bars with finger brakes. Equinox eternal crank. LED Wheels.

Mime Columbus Steel Track Bike

19,033 • Columbus Cromor Chromoly Lug Vintage Pursuit Track Bike Instagram: @denverbikecommuter5280

Batica Theodor’s fixie

19,032 •  Fixie-Pixie

Rob’s Project Carbon Fixie – Code Name: Black Vandura

19,031 •  Images and info here: Project Carbon Fixie 😀

Luke’s City Beater

19,030 • Picture from a ride last Friday. Running the new H Plus Son on the bike after an awesome build from Cycle  PS. Even got me a…

Bob’s West Coast Hetchins

19,029 • I have been riding fixed wheel since the autumn of 1962 and seriously wanted, needed a Hetchins for a long time. So this is my Magnum…

Levi’s Fixie

19,028 • Biking all over Indiana

Travis’ Portland made track bike

19,027 • Fillet brazed frame, it came from Portland Oregon so it could of been made by just about anyone. H+son rims laced to Phil hubs, sugino glp…

Marcus’ Cinelli Mash Parallax

19,026 •Her name is Kali and she is a 2015 Cinelli Mash Parallax. The pedal motion starts with a sram black box ceramic bottom bracket and transferred through…

Cormac’s Getaround State

19,025 • Ostensibly I needed a bike for getting around my large corporate campus workplace, but really I just wanted an excuse to build my own bike. State…

Thomas’ Volume Cutter

19,024 • Daily bike couriering in Calgary Alberta Canada. Bike is a volume cutter frame. Se landing gear fork. Energy labs carbon fiber wheelset. Allcity cranks. Box stem…

Lance’s Nishiki

19,023 • New paint job

Markus’ Cinelli Histogram

19,022 • Cinelli Histogram 2015 with Mavic Ellipse wheels, All-City crankset and BLB pedals. Running the streets of Stockholm in Sweden.

Marcus’ Fuji

19,021• Size 56 ,hed Deep in the front , dura ace crank 52/16,richey Classic bar,130 mm richey stem

Ben’s Schwinn

19,020 • Original blue

Dave’s Reynolds 753(Aussie built)

19,019 • Repaired and repurposed road frame. Late 80’s Custom Aussie built Roadie frame. Mystery builder, no serial,stamp. Reynolds 753, Bocama lugs, Campagnolo dropouts and tips. Cinelli spoiler…


19,018 • My fitness partner. 6KU Urban Track with Cinelli Ant stem, Cinelli Mash handlebars, and Shimano 105 pedals. Everything else are stock.

Westley’s Aventon Mataro

19,017 • Perfect day for a ride

Scott’s Specialized S works langster

19,016 •Fixed gear century.. 51×17 gearing

Evan’s Morning Coffee Ride

19,015 •Black and White graffiti with my crytical

Elod’s Leader Shadow

19,014 •Leader shadow frame, 4130 Kawasaki steel, 58cm Fork unknown, crank bros headset 26″ front wheel (ambrosio/miche/continental) 28″ back wheel (vuelta/miche/maxxis) Mongoose drive and stem Red line bars,…

Luis Garcia’s Unknown Singularity

19,013 •Unknown Singularity, Riding Fixed in Houston, Texas

Welington’s Urban hunter.

19,012 • Greetings from Brasil.