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FELT York fixie

18,949 • FELT York – normally sold as a townie cruiser style bike with fenders, faux leather saddle, moustache bars…. Turned it into my kind of ride. 44t…

Frank’s commuter

18,948 • Old race frame

Javi’s fixed gear

18,946 • Ride as if there was no tomorrow

Frank’s Myata

18,946 • Converted Koga Myata

Damian’s 8bar X MotörReeen – KRZBERG V5

18,945 • Frame : 8bar X MotörReeen – KRZBERG V5 number 4 of 10 Rear wheel: DT Swiss RC 55 Track Front wheel: BLB Z3 Crank: 8 Bar…

Tanya’s Start Shosse ’86

18,944 • Tanya’s Start Shosse ’86  

Lázuli by FixieArte – Cozumel México

18,943 • Cuadro de acero-carbón en geometría asimétrica pursuit rin trasero de perfil 70mm de 24h rin delantero de perfil 40mm relación crankset piñón 52-17 manubrio bullhorn over…

Jan’s Prism

18,942 • Throne prism frame Conquer elite rxl cranks Factory5 51t chainring Chris king bottom bracket Fizik arione tri2 saddle Fizik cyrano r1 seatpost Cinelli comfort handlebars Thomson elite…

Gus’s 1960 Crescent

18,941 • This is my old bicycle. Crescent 1960

Tim’s Kilo TT Pro

18,940 • This is my 2016 Mercier Kilo TT Pro! No real big changes from stock; new stem (Kalloy UNO 100mm), bars (46cm Bontrager Sport), saddle (Specialized Riva),…

Pier’s matrix

18,939 • Hello, then this is a matrix black matrix adventure frame, adventure carbon fork. Seatpost uno, saddle Fabric, stem giant connect, brake shimano Sora, pedal look, crankset…

Centurion (converted)

18,938 • Something I decide to convert a while back with a more urban style

Daily Ride

18,938 • italian guerciotti track frame alloy frame and carbon forks, miche 3/32″ 49 tooth chain ring and 170 cranks, campagnolo super record pedals toeclips and straps the…

Bianchi Pista Chrome

18,938 • Bianchi all white and chrome

2 speed fixed commuter

18,937 • My most used bike, having evolved from a fast urban bike to a heavyweight commuter. The rear hub is a modified Bendix manual 2 speed hub….

Raleigh 20 Fixed Gear

18,936 • My Raleigh 20 fixed gear, inspired by the late Sheldon Brown. I found the frame at a swap meet and the fork is from a EZ…

Torpado in Pink

18,935 • 80’s Torpado in pearl pink. Found the frame on Craigslist in a few states away and some cyclists were nice to facilitate the sale for me….

Swede’s Bareknuckle

18,934 • This is my EAI Bareknuckle built up with lots of cool components from Paul Components in Chico, CA. The frame is seriously stiff as hell, especially…

Peter’s Toto Nexus

18,933 • Hey from Colorado! here’s a pic of my baby, Toto nexus track frame, DT Swiss front wheel, 54:16 gear ratio, brakeless of course! ride hard!

Peter’s Bianchi Pista

18,932 • Bianchi Pista Classicsa!


18,932 • My Cooper Sebring on the bridge over the river Rhine in the evening!

mean green fixed machine

18,931 • 49 cm (c-t) frame – 50×15

Favorit Chrome Fixie

18,930 • My Czech Favorit fixie.

Fabio WIlliams’ Pennarola

18,929 • steel frame, Italian builder, size 52

Manos Centurion

18,928 • Hi I’m manos from Greece and this is my newest ride, it’s from centurion triathlon bike.

Vaggelis’ Fixed Gear from Greece

18,927 • HELLO,i m Vaggelis from Greece and this is a photo of my fixie to post (if you like)!!!!

Irvin’s Republic

18,926 • Republic Bike is the brand. 52 mm 2014 I ordered it. No special components to speak of. I order med everything red to match my 2011 SUBARU…

Jaco’s fixed gear

18,925 • I love fxd gear! I’m from the Philippines.

Ross fixed gear commuter

18,924 • Ross fixed gear commuter. The seatpost slipped hard the last two mornings so I added a spacer washer.

Philippines fixed gear

18,923 • Philippines fixed gear

Bernard’s Univega “Woody”

18,922 • 1978 Univega Nuovo Sport. Based on Sheldon Brown’s Hercules fixed gear, my dad’s ’76 Buick station wagon, and the music of Brian Wilson. Simulated wood grain…

Matteo’s bike

18,921 • Hey,I’m Matteo,I live in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy and this is my bike

Fredo Cappucino

18,920 • I’ve made it once for my girlfriend. Cilo frame and fork, Cinelli 1A 80 mm stem, nice french handlebar, Shimano 600 crankset, Brooks Allterain saddle for…

Into the wild

18,919 • Fixed gear Brasil

NYC fixed gear

18,918 • Check out my build.

Lane’s Raleigh Rush Hour

18,917 • SS Raleigh bought secondhand and fixed up a little bit.


18,916 • 90’s TT timeshark, Landshark….. Work bike…fixxxed 52-15 Custom Special Deluxe….lurking…. Filet top end…Bottom lugged…Prestige…. Simply one of a kind steel fish…light and quick…

Swamp Donkey

18,915 • This was originally my first mountain bike – bought in November 1991, it’s a Giant CFM-1 – a bonded carbon tubed 26″ that came with 1st…

MUYSKKUBUN custom frame

18,914 • frame was made in 304L stainless steel and carbon steel, with a pursuit trim 3 months ago here in bogota, colombia, south america by me…I was…

Tanguy’s first fixie

18,913 • I’m Tanguy, I live next door to the city of Bordeaux, and it’s my first fixie.  Submitted 2014.

Juerg’s Subito

18,913 • This is my second Fixie, a Subito (by Alegro) Thanks for Sharing my Bike Greez from Switzerland Juerg from Moser Rennstall

colossi lowpro

18,912 • Fixed life Colossi lowpro

Leader 721 desde santiago de chile

18,911 • Leader 721 black

Fixed Pursuit*

18,910 • ’84 TT Tomassini ‘air cx’ Columbus Cromor ……work pursuit 9 year courier…. 53:18 with a front brake..suicide fixxx Campy- custom wheels by Diablo Wheelworks….

Wittgensteins Pelizzoli Leggenda

18,909 • Frame: Pelizzoli Leggenda Performance 58cc fluo yellow Fork/Headset: Pelizzoli carbon / FSA Crankset/Bottom Bracket: SRAM omnium GXP 167,5mm Pedals: Crankbrothers eggbeater 3 Drivetrain/Cog/Chainring/Chain: EAI deluxe Cog/Dura-ace…

Futurumshop rebuilt fixed gear

18,908 • Futurumshop track frame

Pavel’s ’72 Basso

18,907 • 1972..BASSO – Campagnolo – Triomphe – Modolo – Mavic – 3TTT

Stevie’s 1972 Gitane Interclub

18,906 • My 1972 Gitane Interclub was a gift from the owner of the bike shop I grew up in– Wheels of Northbrook. It was actually his first…

Batuvus in Exil

18,905 • Brazil Exil Batavus

Tom’s Tutubi

18,904 • Tutubi Needle 52cm. (48:17) La Bici headset (1 1/8 threadless, tapered) Control Tech seatpost/stem (31.6x400mm. / +- 5deg. 100mm.) La Bici seat clamp (34.9mm. OD) ITM…