Tag: Fixie

Shawn’s Aventon Cordoba limited edition

18,977 • Aventon Cordoba limited edition Instagram: @fixedsub Just purchased a few months ago slowly customizing! Photo taken by Dustin Valkema

Jules Ceulemans’ Ribbon

18,976 • stem: 3T frame: Ribbon wheelset: 6KU straps: BLB pedals: Fixation

Knight’s of Wolverhampton

18,967 • Early 80s 531 goodness plenty of miles and plenty of smiles.

Javi’s fixed gear

18,946 • Ride as if there was no tomorrow

My bike from Argentina

18,902 • DIY.

Stuart’s Healing

18,884 • Started as a Healing 10-Speed (very popular early ’80s bike, made here in New Zealand). Stripped and repainted the frame. New 700c track wheelset, FSA Cranks/Chainring….